Need to Hire a Qualified Parenting Speaker?

Tina speaks on the following topics:

Trauma-Effective Parenting and Teaching
Transforming the Challenging Child: Present Moment Parenting

(For adults who deal with children who have ADHD, ODD, Giftedness, Attachment Disorder, or no diagnosis at all)
Transforming the Challenging Child: Present Moment Teaching
(For teachers of early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school)
Talking to Your Kids About Sex
Taming Facebook:
How to set limits on media and encourage other interests
Disempowering Anxiety:
Empowering Adult-Child Relationships
When the Issue is the Environment:
Sensory Integration Solutions
Bedtimes, Mealtimes, Homework – Help! What to do with those tough times
Trauma-Effective Parent Coaching: An Innovative Approach to Healing Children’s Hearts for professionals who want to coach

From a Family Group Decision Making Conference “Innovations in Family Engagement” of the Kempe Center in Denver, CO:
“Hands down, the VERY best training I have ever had. Tore my heart out; this is exactly how I feel about kids’ healing. You have validated my feelings to a T!”
“She is a wonderfully passionate speaker.”
“Great workshop, awesome presenter.”
“Great tools and presentation!”
“Excellent trainer and training. Valuable information that I will use.”
“Ms. Feigal was very personable, which assisted in making the learning experience more enjoyable.”
“Knowledgeable and engaging presenter!”
“Tina was great and presented the information well. She had great examples.”
“Strong and valid approach and tools to parenting children with trauma.”
“Very concrete ideas!”

"Thank you so much for your presentation here at Shriner’s yesterday. You have such a warm and engaging style – I feel that you really connected with us!
As an educator, pediatric nurse, and parent, I feel that information you provided will greatly benefit me, and I know that others feel the same.
As a matter of fact, I implemented some strategies last night with my own children. My wonderful, intelligent and oft frustrating (marches to the beat of a percussionist inaudible to me) middle child did something that makes me crazy. But I responded differently this time, and got great results!"
- Sue Johnson, RN
Clinical Education Coordinator

“Thank you so much, Tina, for your insights and encouraging words last night at your presentation! You offer so many concrete ideas on how to re-program your brain with parenting strategies that work. Thank you for the gift that you are!”

“This was one of the best two hours I have ever spent!”

“Thank you for positively reinforcing that I can do this and that my kids are fragile organisms. I am the gardener.”

“I love the positiveness of this approach. We all work better when we feel loved and accepted. Thank you for this approach and explanation.”

“This was great! MORE PLEASE!”

“Thanks for helping me raise a wonderful child.”

“Wonderful – life-changing ~ thank you for HOPE.”

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