Have you lost your parenting mojo?

You've struggled with child behavior problems long enough and you want to know how to handle the problems with effectiveness and compassion. You worry that the ADHD diagnosis, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, autism, or giftedness is getting in the way of positive parenting. You want answers  now.


Thought I’d share some POSITIVE news with you!!! Yesterday, Blake’s school had a reptile man come in and demonstrate and talk about different reptiles … because of how interested Blake and 2 other boys in his class are about these animals. Blake did an awesome job listening and being polite through the whole time and at the end of the day, he asked if he could lead the good-bye prayer. According to the teacher, he did a marvelous job praying!!!! Quite frankly, I was worried all day yesterday, because he did not go to bed until almost 10 pm Sunday evening. I did fill him with positives Monday a.m. and I really feel that works!!! I am so THANKFUL he had a good day!! Also, the teacher is not putting his name on the board any longer. When he does misbehave, she tells him he will be having a time out. Last week, there was an episode where he would be needing a timeout. Well, the teacher totally forgot about it and when it came to ‘free time’,  Blake went over to her and sat down by her and said he was there to do his timeout … the teacher was amazed.

- Darlene Siegle

n.self confidence, self-assuredness. Belief in ones self in a situation.

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