Have you lost your parenting mojo?

You've struggled with child behavior problems long enough and you want to know how to handle the problems with effectiveness and compassion. You worry that the ADHD diagnosis, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, autism, or giftedness is getting in the way of positive parenting. You want answers  now.


It was very informative and energizing to meet with you and (the parent of one of my students), to listen to someone who believes parents and teachers can “transform” a child who has a pattern we can see is leading to trouble, but we’re spending most of our time just working around him, not having a plan to really try to change him. I began reading the book today and telling the three assistants I work with about the basics, and hope to share lots more. I’ll be in touch.

- An elmentary special education teacher

n.self confidence, self-assuredness. Belief in ones self in a situation.

Struggle With Child Behavior?

Maybe your child or teen has no diagnosis, but the child behavior problems are just too big to handle on your own. You feel ready for "personalized parent education" customized to your family's needs.

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