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Reading Present Moment Parenting will show you:Present Moment Parenting

  • How to look at misbehavior in a new light.
  • Exactly what to do to grow better behavior.
  • How to respond when things go poorly.
  • How to create situations that actually help your child shine.
  • How to bring peace you never imagined to your home/classroom.  
  • How to bring out the best in a child with trauma.

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Adults who struggle with children’s behavior, from those with ADHD to attachment disorder, from giftedness to Oppositional  Defiant Disorder, will find Present Moment Parenting: The Guide to a Peaceful Life with Your Intense Child, a certain and compelling resource. Filled with immediately usable tips for helping children with trauma, or those whose behavior is just challenging, this book is based in research and accessible to both parents and teachers at the same time. Rarely has such a complete guide been written about child behavior that encourages compassion over authoritarian approaches, which just do not work.

This book frees you, the adult, as well as the child, to find a path to peaceful co-existence without force or harshness. It not only brings out better behavior, but it provides a map of sorts toward a greatly strengthened adult-child relationship.  If your child struggles with being inappropriate due to autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, ODD, giftedness, attachment issues, trauma history, or any other reason, this is your book.

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Here's what a grandmother says about the book Present Moment Parenting:

Your Present Moment Parenting book is the best I have ever read, and I’ve read many. It makes me want to go back and parent my children all over again. My daughter is listening to it and has begun implementing the strategies for her two girls as well. Thank you for putting all of your knowledge into words for us to follow. Do you do virtual private coaching?   
Best regards,
Melinda Powell

Here's what Parenting Coach Certification students have to say about the book:

From an alum of PCC:
Your book is still a go-to for me, full of fantastic information. I tell everyone I know to pick it up! 
-Kim Santen

Hello Tina,

I love your book, Present Moment Parenting, because it really drills down to the most important aspects of how parents can apply all of the science supporting the present moment approach.  I have spent years gaining the knowledge and “theory” behind all of this, but the part I felt most lacking in my ability to confidently step out and help parents was the application piece.  This is what I believe you have done so beautifully.  You have taken all that theory and made it easier for parents without overloading them with “too much information.”  I thank you for that because that is where I have been stuck; trying to figure out what they need to know and what they don’t in order to understand the application.  You have simplified my job of trying to figure that out and it is so appreciated. 

I purchased the audio book as well so I can listen over and over to really absorb some of the examples of what parents can say in various circumstances because this is where I believe coaching can be most beneficial to parents.  Having gone through Life Coach training in 2008 and then the experiences I have had trying to figure out how to be a good coach for parents, I realized quickly that expecting parents to draw out their own answers was not why they sought coaching.  They want a consultant type of coach.  They want you to be able to tell them what to do and how to handle a situation they are struggling with because they clearly do not have the answers inside themselves.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experiences with this class and in your book. I look forward to the next session.

With much appreciation,

Leslie Hagerich

I wanted to share that I started to read Present Moment Parenting again in preparation for some client meetings and I can’t recommend doing so enough. Repetition is of course important, but also my perspective is different and things have a different impact on me now eight months later than when I read it the first time. Just wanted to throw out that suggestion to you all as well.

Thank you again Tina for everything!

Vanessa Elias