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Would you like a career that allows you to work with parents, foster parents, kinship parents and other caregivers, teaching them hands-on, here-and-now tools for bringing about rapid and dramatic improvement in their child’s behavior?

Does the thought of being able to help parents and caregivers strengthen bonds while teaching children, with trauma histories and without, new and effective ways of interacting with their world appeal to you? How about lifting parents to their higher selves, so they can lift their children to theirs?

You’ve come to the right place.

Here's what our students say about the class:

“I cannot thank you enough for what you have created for parents and coaches. This is truly the most life-changing information all combined into a 10-month program. Your presence in our class is so informative but most of all comforting and soothing.  I just can't express how much this class has freed me personally and is making me such a better parent and effective coach and partner for the families I work with :-).

Thank you


Class this last week was a true gift to me. In fact, I had the profound experience of feeling like I was exactly where I was meant to be, and that all my life experiences are coming together for this purpose. I'm so grateful to be a part of it!"


"Thank you so much, Tina!  There are no words to describe how much I appreciate you and all you do for parents, the next generation, and all your students.  Your knowledge and insight are irreplaceable.  Thank you for pursuing this purpose.  It has been a pleasure to be taught by you."


Student response upon reading "The Deepest Well":

"I will utilize my previous knowledge and newfound understanding of ACEs to teach parents about the way traumatic experiences shape the brain and how to heal toxic stress, not only in the lives of their children but also in the parents themselves. Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris explained that the treatment for toxic stress includes first reducing the dose of adversity and secondly strengthening the ability of the caregiver to be a healthy buffer. She goes on to say, “It’s crazy how resilient kids can be when they have a strong buffer.” I have experienced this “buffer system” in my own life as my mother was able to shield me from many ill-effects of living with an addict and narcissist. Of course the adversity impacted me, but the power of one caring adult in my life changed everything. I will always teach this to the parents I coach by inspiring them to become the “treatment” of their child’s trauma. That’s why parent coaching is so powerful! Because the solution isn’t in medication or therapy – the solution is in teaching parents how to give their children what they need. And as we learned in Present Moment Parenting, the overarching goal of every child is to feel lovable."


"Thank you for all of your encouragement and information that you poured out into me. Because of you there are many families that have and will be changed.

May you and yours be blessed,"

-Banetta Bacchi

Regarding a class assignment:

I have to admit I got stuck on reading “Parenting from the Inside Out.” As I read the content, I had some personal revelations about things that occurred in my past. It was painful, however … I found it quite healing. Your class has really given me insight not only into becoming a great Parent Coach and mentor but also a friend to myself. Thank you for that." 

-Kelly Mlinar


Thank you for meeting with me.  I have enjoyed meeting with you and learning how to parent coach. Your passion and enthusiasm for helping parents is palpable.  I admire how you are seeking to help children at the source, through their parents.  Thank you for guiding me in helping me finding a similar passion in helping others and in my own home life. 

I have attached a pdf of my portfolio.  It has been fascinating to look back at the growth over the past 10 months and see how much I have learned. Thank you for all you have done to aid my journey."

- Gratefully, Jill Palmer

"Thank you so much! I love that what you teach aligns so much with what we have learned over the years.  Parenting perspectives are so varied and rarely line up with how we approach things. Today's class was exactly what I was hoping it would be!  Can't wait to read your book."

- Michelle Gerdon, foster/adoptive parent, coach trainee

"Thank you for your work (trail blazing) and for sharing your work with those of us who want to be able to help parents help their kids.  I have always had a heart to help kids and at some point in my career, decided that the best way to help kids is to help their parents.  The same thing is seen in horse training.  A trainer can take a horse for 60-90 days and work all kinds of magic with them, but when they return the horse to the owner, the owner will not be able to get the same results because the owner has not learned what is needed to maintain that relationship and to communicate effectively with the horse in a way the horse will respond positively.  The same is with kids.  They can come to counseling or therapy and make big strides in that environment, but return home and the trouble continues because nothing in the home environment has changed.  By helping parents, the children have a greater chance of being helped. Perhaps this is why Buck (in the movie "Buck") decided that the one horse was not going to be able to be helped.  First, it would take a long time of consistent work to undo the negative behavior that had been learned, and second unless the owner got help for the baggage she was carrying, she would continue to create the environment that caused the horses behavior problems. 

I think that we (class members) were all disturbed by this because we never want to give up on any child who has behavior problems and so the comparison was hard to take.  There are times, however, when a child’s behavior becomes so dangerous to him/herself and the parents or other family members that they must go to residential treatment, or at least the parents feel they are not equipped to deal with the child.  I have seen this.  Unfortunately, I have also seen that many of the residential treatment facilities use a behavioral approach that is based on punishment and reward and it often causes increased traumatization.  Now, there are some trauma informed programs that provide help.  However, parents are normally (and hopefully) required to get some training and therapy as well so they can learn more trauma informed and positive approaches to parenting once the child goes back home.  In my desire to help foster and adoptive parents so that children are provided permanent loving homes and families, I was really pleased to see your attention to the trauma associated with ACE’s.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experiences with this class and in your book. I look forward to the next session.

With much appreciation,"

Leslie Hagerich

Watch this YouTube video of Tina answering questions about the program.

You will receive this Certificate of Completion from Anu Family Services/Center for the Challenging Child upon completion of the course. 

Parenting Coach Certification  - now 8 months instead of 10!
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Taught by Tina Feigal, M.S.Ed. & other skilled professionals at Anu Family Services

Part I: Virtual Classes - Thursdays, 9-3 US Central Time:  April 7, 2022 - November 22, 2022

Virtual classes are on Zoom (you’ll receive a link to join, nothing to download on your computer) from 9a-3p CT with a 1-hour break for lunch.

Each class has significant reading commitments.

Online class dates: Note: The early bird deadline is April 7, 2022 for this class. 
$3499 Early Bird (Pay fully in advance)
$3899 Regular (Pay over time in 8 equal monthly payments, starting in April 2022.)  Contact  Kristine Reddy to arrange the payments.  

Virtual classes are on Zoom (you’ll receive a link to join) from 9a-3p Central Time with a 1-hour break for lunch.

Each class has significant reading commitments.

Our virtual class is taught by Tina Feigal on Zoom.

Online class dates:  Thursdays - Please note some dates are not consecutively scheduled every four weeks, due to holidays.  

April 21, 2022 Overview of parent coaching, child development

May 19, 2022 Present Moment parenting, physiological effects of communication - skipping November due to Thanksgiving.  

June 16, 2022 Parenting children with ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism

July 14, 2022  Parenting children with Reactive Attachment Disorder & adoption

August 11 , 2022 Parenting gifted children

September 8, 2022  Parenting with attachment and attunement

Part II:  Zoom Intensive, focused on grief, loss and trauma, live parent coaching demonstrations by Tina Feigal, and practice coaching

October 7, 8, 11, 2022 (Friday, Saturday, Tuesday)  Grief, Loss, Trauma; Coaching demo; Trauma-Effective Parenting
Times: Friday - Saturday - Tuesday, all 9-12:30 Central.
Location: Zoom    
To take the Intensive Only, the fee is $399 for professionals.  Click here for details.  Click here to register.

Part III:  Instructor mentoring on your practice coaching every two weeks.  Takes place on Zoom.

Thursday, October 27, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Central Time
Thursday, November 10, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Thursday, November 22, 2022 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.  Note: this is a Tuesday, not Thursday, because of Thanksgiving.  

Some questions you may have about the training from a participant: 

Q: I have one question for you - once participants have completed the program do you offer assistance/guidance to those who would like to start their own parent coaching business?
A: Good question! My role is to provide the instruction, and it’s my sincere pleasure to now be able to refer new coaches to Family Life Coaching Association, an organization that serves their needs. We now have an easy resource for networking, webinars, an annual conference and even an Emerging Coaches’ committee! Before FLCA, it was much harder to find knowledge and assistance. I serve on the board, and am happy to steer coaches to all this wonderfulness!
Q: Hi Tina, Thank you for sharing - this is all great information! I was looking at the online class dates and noticed conflicts with three of the Zoom call dates, as I have work commitments on these days and I know the Zoom classes are all day. Is there a way to participate by watching a recording of the Zoom call after the session and I can submit any assignments necessary or discussion posts following this? 
A: Yes, you can watch recordings of the trainings, which you must request in advance.  If you can attend partial days, that would be ideal. Assignments are due at the same time, either way, the day before the next class.  No recordings of Part II or III will be made, as parents are coached live for Part II and we want to maintain their privacy, and for Part III, each coach needs to receive coach mentoring individually.  If you miss the scheduled session, make an appointment with Tina to be mentored at your earliest convenience. Hope this is helpful!
Q: Definitely helpful! and I would certainly try to coordinate with my work to attend the majority of the classes. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to all my questions. Thank you!

Coach mentoring is now available for Parenting Coach Certification Graduates!

$60/hour for individual consultation

$30 for group consultation 

Write for scheduling.  

To make a payment, please use Google Chrome. 

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Registration Information

Program Cost

$3899 Regular Price

$3499 Early Bird Price

Intensive Only is $399 for professionals.  Click here for details.


Minimum of a four-year degree in a child- or human services- related field (exceptions may be granted by the instructor for significant other training or applicable life experience).  Must have access to a Microsoft-enabled computer and phone for classes, be able to attend all dates listed above, and perform required volunteer parent coaching in order to become certified.

Payments in 2 equal installments are allowed.

From a certified coach/certified pediatric nurse practitioner:

“I have 8 slots this week filled with parent coaching clients!  It’s growing and I am really enjoying working with parents on this level.  Thanks so much for everything you have taught me (and keep teaching me).  I have become one of the ripples in the pond that you have dropped a pebble into.”

From a family support worker and recent graduate of the Parenting Coach Certification Program: 

“These past 9 months have provided us an incredible learning platform. I have grown so much personally and as a coach.  I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.”

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