Become a Certified Parent Coach

Do you see yourself starting a new parent coaching career or enhancing your already-established parent coaching or mental health career?  Do you want to work with birth parents, foster parents, kinship parents and other caregivers, teaching them hands-on, here-and-now tools for bringing about rapid and dramatic improvement in their child’s behavior?

Does the thought of being able to help parents and caregivers strengthen bonds while teaching children, with trauma histories and without, new and effective ways of interacting with their world appeal to you? How about lifting parents to their higher selves, so they can lift their children to theirs?

You’ve come to the right place.

"I have been so happy and so aligned in my work and my purpose since completing your wonderful parent coaching program.  Thank you again for all you have done for me, and countless others." -Stacy Wasserman

Upcoming Course Information  

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Course Dates: May 2, 2024 thru December 19, 2024

Part I:  Virtual Classes (Thursdays, 9a-3p US Central Time, with 1-hour break for lunch) 
*Virtual classes are on Zoom (you will receive a link via email to join) from 9a-3p CT 

NOTE: Each class has significant reading commitments.

May 2, 2024                Overview of parent coaching, child development
May 30, 2024              Present Moment parenting, physiological effects of communication 
June 27, 2024            Parenting children with ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism
July 25, 2024              Parenting adopted children including those with Reactive Attachment Disorder
August 22, 2024       Parenting gifted children
September 19, 2024  Parenting with attachment and attunement

Part II:  Zoom Intensive (Included in your 8-month Course registration)
Focused on grief, loss, and trauma with live parent coaching demonstrations by Tina Feigal

Friday, October 18, 2024     9a-12:30p Grief, Loss, Trauma and Resilience

Monday, October 21, 2024  9a-12:30p Mandatory class – cannot be recorded. Live Parent Coaching Demonstration by Tina
Tuesday, October 22, 2024  9a-12:30p Debrief live coaching from Friday, practice coaching in dyads with classmates, Step Inside the Circle – Compassion Prison Project

To take the Intensive Only, the fee is $399 for professionals. (The entire 8-month course is required for Parenting Coach Certification.) Click here for details.  Click here to register.

Part III:  Instructor mentoring on your practice coaching every two weeks via Zoom.

Thursday, November 21, 2024   9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Central Time
Thursday, December 5, 2024       9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Thursday, December 19, 2024     9 a.m. - 11 a.m.  

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Anu Family Services after fulfilling Parent Coaching Certification Course requirements.
Full 8-month Course Registration form is here. (Includes the Intensive.)

See Q & A below and please email instructor Tina Feigal at for more information.

Some questions you may have about the training from a participant: 

Q: I have one question for you - once participants have completed the program do you offer assistance/guidance to those who would like to start their own parent coaching business?

A: Good question! My role is to provide the instruction, and it’s my sincere pleasure to now be able to refer new coaches to Family Life Coaching Association, an organization that serves their needs. We now have an easy resource for networking, webinars, an annual conference and even an Emerging Coaches’ committee! Before FLCA, it was much harder to find knowledge and assistance. I serve on the board, and am happy to steer coaches to all this wonderfulness!

 Q: Hi Tina, Thank you for sharing - this is all great information! I was looking at the online class dates and noticed conflicts with three of the Zoom call dates, as I have work commitments on these days and I know the Zoom classes are all day. Is there a way to participate by watching a recording of the Zoom call after the session and I can submit any assignments necessary or discussion posts following this? 

 A: Yes, you can watch recordings of the trainings, which you must request in advance.  If you can attend partial days, that would be ideal. Assignments are due at the same time, either way, the day before the next class.  No recordings of Part II or III will be made, as parents are coached live for Part II and we want to maintain their privacy, and for Part III, each coach needs to receive coach mentoring individually.  If you miss the scheduled session, make an appointment with Tina to be mentored at your earliest convenience. Hope this is helpful!

 Q: Definitely helpful! and I would certainly try to coordinate with my work to attend the majority of the classes. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to all my questions. Thank you!

Here's what our students say about the class:

"Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. I’m looking forward to sharing the tenets of Present Moment Parenting with Clark County families and plan to have additional staff take the course in 2024. You do beautiful work and I am so thankful that our paths crossed and I’ve gotten to learn so much from you!"
~Shauna O'Keefe, MSW, CAPSW

"Thank you for your exceptional teaching, guidance, and mentoring! You have been transformational in my life in so many ways over these last 15+ years! I have so much love, appreciation, and gratitude for you and what you do."
~Theresa Anderson, Ed.D., former coaching client and new Certified Parenting Coach

Thank you so much Tina!! This was a wonderful venture for me and I have learned so, so much from everyone in the class.  I am actually going to miss our days together. Thank you again!" 
~Sara Davis

"Tina, taking your class was such an honor. I have learned so much and I cannot wait to help change the lives of families. We are so optimistic and ready to reunite famil(ies) - hoping it’ll only go up from here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!" 
~Haleigh Sprecksel

"Throughout this calendar year and especially the duration of this course, I have been asked to stretch myself, my comfort, and my ability to be a better mother, friend, wife, employee, daughter, and human. I have done this, with enthusiasm, because I believed that the work I will get to do is life changing, and now I know that it has the potential to be lifetimes changing. Now I will have the opportunity to help other parents who are struggling to better understand themselves and their children. This, in turn, will help them to better connect with and positively impact their families and restore peace to their homes. The potential is limitless, the task is enormous, and I am up for the challenge."
~Stacy Wasserman

"Thank you so much Tina! This class was amazing. I feel like I am a better parent for it. The world is lucky to have you."

"Class this last week was a true gift to me. In fact, I had the profound experience of feeling like I was exactly where I was meant to be, and that all my life experiences are coming together for this purpose. I'm so grateful to be a part of it!" 
~Kaysie Steele

"Thank you so much, Tina!  There are no words to describe how much I appreciate you and all you do for parents, the next generation, and all your students.  Your knowledge and insight are irreplaceable.  Thank you for pursuing this purpose.  It has been a pleasure to be taught by you."
~ Mindy

"We are at the final stage of this wonderful Parent Coach Training. My emotional intelligence is shooting out so many sparks to evangelize to every child agency, educational institutions, and parents, I had encounter it. I really wish, I could have this insight while my children were small. It does my growth any good, eyeing on the past, but make progress for the future. Many parents will need that same encouragement to make progress - “focus on today, so tomorrow can be a little brighter”. I am determining to bring some sunshine in the lives of many parents as well children."
~ Rev. Sharrieff Bugg

Coach mentoring is now available for Parenting Coach Certification Graduates!

$60/hour for individual consultation

$30 for monthly  2-hour group consultation

NOTE: You will receive an email invitation to the sessions after you pay.  These are drop-in sessions, 9-11 a.m.  Central.  You can choose the second Thursday or  Friday of the month.  Email to let me know your choice.

To make a payment, please click "make a payment" below. Use Google Chrome. 

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Application and Payments

Program Cost

$3999 Regular Price
$3599 Early Bird Price*
*Early bird pricing deadline is April 24,2024
Payment plans are Regular Price, monthly, and require payment in full. 
Contact Anu Family Services' Chief Financial Officer Kristine Reddy at to arrange payments.  
Intensive Only is $399 for professionals. 

Course Prerequisites
Minimum of a four-year degree in a child- or human services- related field (exceptions may be granted by the instructor for significant other training or applicable life experience).  Must have access to a Microsoft-enabled computer and phone for classes, be able to attend all dates listed above, and perform required volunteer parent coaching in order to become certified.

Group Pricing* 

5-9 participants=$3499 per person
10+participants=$3399 per person
*Early Bird discount does not apply to group pricing

Click the red button above to pay by credit card.  

1. Download the PDF Application 

2. Complete the form by typing in your responses and emailing to

3. Click the red button to pay by credit card or make check payable to Anu Family Services. If needed, we can send an invoice.

4. Mail forms and check to:  

Parenting Coach Certification Registration
Center for the Challenging Child/Anu Family Services
901 Fourth St., Suite 180
Hudson, WI 54016

From a certified coach/certified pediatric nurse practitioner:

“I have 8 slots this week filled with parent coaching clients!  It’s growing and I am really enjoying working with parents on this level.  Thanks so much for everything you have taught me (and keep teaching me).  I have become one of the ripples in the pond that you have dropped a pebble into.”

From a family support worker and recent graduate of the Parenting Coach Certification Program: 

“These past 9 months have provided us an incredible learning platform. I have grown so much personally and as a coach.  I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.”