Now that School is in Session, How are YOU Doing?

Posted: October 7, 2020

I bet you hardly had time to even open the email to read this blog post and newsletter.  The last thing I think you want is to read a long "helpful hints" article, so I'll cut to the chase.  

1. Mindfulness can help relieve stress.  You don't need to do much, except be aware of what you're feeling. 
2. What you're feeling is not ever the problem. It's what you judge about the feeling that makes them feel big and hard. 
3. Allow yourself to feel without judging the feeling as "good" or "bad."  It's just a feeling and it will certainly pass. 
4. Notice it, say hi to it.  Welcome it because it has good information for you.  Sink into it fully, which ironically, will help it pass.  
5. Let its information be valuable to you.  If you need to ask kindly for something that's not in your life, ask.  If you need to walk outside, walk outside.  If you need 3 minutes in your room alone, take 3 minutes.  The world will not end if you do these things. 
6. Be clear to those in your home that it's never selfish to be kind to yourself.  It's the opposite of selfish.  It's called self-care, and it couldn't be more vital.  
7. Take as many "you" breaks as you need to regulate your feelings by listening to them, gathering information, and acting on them if you need to.  

That's it.  

I wish you peace of mind.  


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